Michigan Cold Weather Fall SUV Camping!

Less than a week after we got home from our fall trip to the Upper Peninsula and my friend Ryan texted us spur of the moment to go camping the next day. I've had such a busy fall season and I had a ton of work to finish but a little 24-hour break from all the craziness sounded amazing. So of course I said yes!

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We found a free dispersed camping spot on national forest land just north of Ludington. I’m not going to reveal the exact location of our campsite but I encourage you guys to scope on google maps for spots on national forest or state land, there are tons of both around the area! You can usually spot these areas since they often show up as dark green on google maps but be sure to check the land ownership to be sure.

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You can use the free app Landgrid to put in specific coordinates to check and see who owns the land you are on or planning to check out. You want to look for either national forest land or DNR/state-owned land and follow the proper guidelines for each before you find a spot.

To be honest, we didn't really do too much... we just sat around the fire to keep warm and talked for a while and it was exactly what I needed. I personally love being cold when I sleep but my advice if you want to try camping in cold weather - bring a sleeping bag and lots of blankets! 


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