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I use photography as my own form of self expression, documenting my perspective as I explore the world around me. My goal is to share stories of my adventures with my camera, letting everyone see the world through my eyes and take away a feeling that has meaning to them.

My work is mostly influenced by the city of Detroit, where I truly feel at home and where I am inspired to share the story of a changing city. I hope to inspire those that view my work to understand and feel Detroit for what it once was, and the direction it’s going now.


My name is Felicia Fullwood, I am a 25 year old freelance photographer based out of Detroit. I grew up in the city of Warren, a suburb just north of the Detroit city limits. I  picked up my first DSLR camera in May of 2015, and my entire life was changed forever. For the longest time I was  searching for a way to tell a story without words, and photography is exactly that for me. I was instantly hooked on documenting and capturing moments in my own perspective that I will be able to look back on forever and share with the world.

To me, the definition of art is creating something that conveys your raw emotions and experiences into something people can relate to, no matter what medium it is or who approves of it. It’s like reaching into your soul, grabbing what means the most to you, and dumping your emotions out for the world to see. When I am shooting, it’s like I am in my own world where nothing else matters and for the first time ever, I found focus, and a true escape from this crazy world we live in. 

My work has been shown in the following: 

Out For Art - Detroit Historical Museum 2016 & 2017

Detroit Metro Times: Felicia Fullwood, Chronicler of Our Cityscape

Local 4 News

138 Miles2- An Art Exhibit

Would You Like An Art Show?: A Celebration on Detroit Shooters

The Comeback Kid- Scenes from the MotorCity

As Detroits Own Visual Experience I & II